More Effective Clinical Trialling

Clinical trials are essential for making advances in medical science, but a recent survey has found that the process of managing clinical trials could benefit from some changes for the better.

The Need for Improvement

300 clinical operations professionals recently took part in a survey that looked at how the clinical trials process could be improved. With more trials now taking place, and a growing complexity in the clinical life cycle, making advances in study quality and execution was the core recommendation from the study.  More organisation is needed to better the experience and more storage on Cheap Shelving Units Ireland products for files would be beneficial to which can be sourced from businesses like Rackzone.
A Unified Clinical Model

The study highlighted the need for a unified clinical model, with almost all of those surveyed (99%) agreeing that clinical applications need to become much more unified. According to Clinical Informatics News, unifying clinical operations optimises resources, ensures greater accuracy and reduces risk. It can also speed up study execution, improve quality and achieve improved visibility.

As well as unifying clinical applications, survey respondents remarked on the need to unify clinical trial management systems, electronic data capture and electronic trial master files.

Multiple Application Use

Paid research studies by clinical trial providers, are managed using a variety of applications. On average, the survey found that four applications were used for managing clinical studies, with some providers using five or even more. The problem with using a number of applications, however, is that there are an increasing number of challenges to face at the start of a study. These include site contracting and budgeting, site identification and study planning. This means that the applications used today need to be improved to meet these challenges more effectively.

More Effective Clinical Trialling
Streamlined Collaboration

On a positive note, the study found that fewer organisations involved in paid research studies were relying on manual systems and paper documentation. With more clinical trial providers using collaborative processes and technology, this ensures a more streamlined and unified approach.

Making Use of Data

Metric data is useful for highlighting trends, which can help improve clinical trial studies. According to results from the research undertaken, 23% of respondents didn’t make use of data, or rarely did, to improve the way they conducted the study process. In fact, less than half (46%) used data only sometimes. Since organisations that make use of data report the greatest efficiencies in collaboration and monitoring of trials, this is something that all providers should be encouraged to undertake.

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